Mother cuddling her baby

Baby's first year

A new baby is the most wonderful thing in the world and can bring so much love and joy into your life as your journey as a new family begins.

​The realisation and responsibility of parenthood, and the daily challenges this role brings, can be as daunting as it is exciting. There is so much to learn and so many new beginnings.

Your baby's first year is an ‘age of opportunity’. It's a time when you can set a foundation for your child’s emotional well-being and future health.

In just 12 short months your baby will undergo an incredible transformation, from being a helpless newborn, to an active toddler. Your baby will grow and change at an amazing pace.  

Every month will bring new and exciting developments. Your baby’s first year will be full of challenges and adventures. We are here to help with advice, guidance and support.

A crying baby

Your baby will cry. This is how they will communicate their needs in the early days. Many parents and carers find it stressful when their baby cries. This is a natural response to a crying baby and helps us to work hard to try and calm them. However, some babies cry more than others, and some parents may feel especially stressed, worried, or anxious when their baby cries. It’s helpful to be aware of this before your baby arrives. 

ICON Parents Advice provides information explaining: 

  1. Infant crying is normal. 
  2. Comforting methods can help.  Check your baby’s temperature, do they need a nappy change, or feeding? Try singing or talking to them.
  3. It’s OK to walk away, so long as your baby is safe and you can return within a couple of minutes to check on your baby, feeling calmer.
  4. Never, ever shake a baby. 

For local support available, ask your midwife or health visitor for details.